“You are all there is Master”

Amber is absolutely amazing and I will never forget that afternoon I spent with her.

This next segment is intense and it starts with a short part of the programming. While she was in deep trance, I had suggested that when I wake her up she would be ready for her hypnosis session but then she would suddenly see the light shaker, the one I used for her induction, and remember that when I turn it on and she looks at it, it would turn her into a mindless sex slave.
I did not want to make it too easy and that is why I let her remember about the light shaker. Sure enough she wakes up and sees the thing in my hand; her first reaction is to leave. She says something like: “oh no I don’t want you to turn me into a slave” and gets up. All I had to do was wave it in front of her eyes and she was gone. “You are all there is Master” or “you are all that there is Master” was all she remembered to say. She looks hot in her sexy lingerie, eyes wide open and blank, ready for my orders. (Lana dressed her up while she was under) Not only is she programmed to say the: “you are all there is master” in a slow monotone voice but also repeat every order I give her the same way. For example when I say you have no will she answers: “I have no will master”.

The fun begins, I have her on her knees masturbating while giving her orders, expose her big juicy titts, let her crawl. Then I wake her up and she feels embarrassed. She sees the light shaker and tells me again that she is not slave potential. Yah right, lets do this again. The way she says you are all there is Master and repeats my orders, is absolutely incredible. Another suggestion by one of our viewers.




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