The final surrender of my little love slave

This segment is really the continuation of clip six and just as hot. Amber is way too good of a love slave to let her go just yet. At the end of the last clip, I had her wake up in the middle of a very hard orgasm and she is sitting on the floor in front of me, trying to put herself back together. She seems embarrassed and turned on at the same time.
I wave the light in front of her face and she goes instantaneously back under “You are all there is master”. Now it gets very intense, I have her crawl on all four and finger fuck herself so hard that her breasts bounce and jiggle real hard and then let her orgasm just by squeezing her nipples. This is not all though, I also have her stop her masturbation just when it feels best and she begs me over and over to let her cum.

I do finally let her cum, being the nice guy that I am, but not without having her thank me for it over and over. There is too much going on in this segment to write it all. Lots of “You are all there is Master” and more. The way Amber orgasms and screams and begs is hotttttttttttttt




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