Robot Amber Will…

Robot Amber will…well, pretty much do anything I want her to do. Robot Amber is programmed to follow and obey each and every order I give her. You guys certainly remember Robot Wenona and let me tell you Robot Amber is just as good, although in a different kind of way. Amber’s instantaneous transformation into a robot happens every time I say the word: “machine”. She raises her arms straight in front of her, those big eyes of hers are wide open and empty and all she remembers is to serve me as Robot Amber.
Of course like every good robot, she has to repeat every order I give her by saying Robot Amber will masturbate, orgasm, walk in a circle or what ever else I make her do. After parading her around for a bit I decide it is time for some vibrator action with the occasional wake up interruption, just to embarrass her a little bit. Amber is certainly one of my favorite robots, the way she speaks, orgasms, goes to sleep, and obeys just turns me on.




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