Please don’t put sex toy Amber back to sleep

Amber turned out to be an amazing little toy and I was not about to let her go just yet. I have wake her up again as the perfect little sex toy, this time I make her feet incredibly sensitive to my touch. Every time I touch her feet she feels instantaneously horny and orgasmic. I also suggest that little sex toys like her are very sensitive on the side of their bodies and that the touch of my hand makes them feel incredibly ticklish.
Amber has perfect little feet and the second I touch them she starts to moan and groan; her lushes body squirms and shivers and she is in bliss. She is very obedient and repeats every order I give her with: “sex toy Amber will”…I go back and forth between the side of her body, making her scream with laughter and her feet making her scream again this time for lust. Then I use the neck sleep trigger, right when she starts to orgasm and she goes out like a light.

Now I have her wake up excessively horny begging me not to put her asleep again. Her desire to masturbate is so strong that when she sees my hand coming to put her back to sleep, she keeps begging and begging to the last second but when my hand touches her neck again she drops like a rock. I wake her up again and the next round gets even more intense. This time she begs me to let her orgasm and I do eventually let her cum through the magic touch.

I let her cum for a while and she keeps thanking me. This is a very intense clip and Amber is incredible as a horny, ticklish and obedient toy. The clip ends with a great wake up scene and while we are talking about her great experience, I just had to drop her under one more time. For good measure that is.




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