A raunchy conversation

Andrea, who believes that I am applying for the position of the “spokes model” for a fitness chain, makes it perfectly clear that I am no good for the job (too many reasons to list them all). Needless to say, the fact that I just stumbled into her office without an appointment, seems to irritate her. Wait honey, there will be a lot more reason to be irritated when I am done with you. Anyway, she tries her best to get rid of me, first kind of diplomatic and when that does not work she gets kind of mean. What makes this a great story though is the fact that she feels penetrated when I “click” my pen and she orgasms when she hears the “click” of my camera going off. Mentioning the color red makes her remove a piece of her clothing and the words “high tide” makes her flash, against her better judgment that is. Sounds like fun? Wait until you see it, you are going to like it.




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