Be careful what you ask for

Frank answers the door to be greeted by an attractive singing telegram girl wearing a sexy short dress.

Andrea: Excuse me, are you Frank Campbell?

Frank: Uh yes I am. How do you now my name?

Hi lover I’m a Andrea. ..I’m your birthday gift.

Andrea: I am your birthday present, your special birthday guest and if you’d like to feel them then you may squeeze my breast.This is a celebration feel free to scream and shout You can touch me anywhereI will fuck your brains out:)I’m programmed for your pleasureDesigned to bring you joy Come overload my circuitsI’m just your little toy:)You may take me from behind Or put me on my kneesI’m just a robot fuck dollTo do with as you please:)

Frank: That was great, Wait right there, I’ll be right back.

Frank returns with his wallet and pulls out a twenty to tip the half naked girl.

Andrea: Please keep your money, Your friends purchased me for you. I am your present to do with as you please. How may I please you? I’m fully functional.

Frank: What do you say I pour us some wine to relax before we get started?

Andrea: Thank you, but I am not designed to ingest fluids, liquids can damage my internal circuitry.

Frank: Wow the guys really went all out this year. I wonder how they know about my robot fetish?

Andrea: You have a robot fetish? That’s wonderful, I love it when guy’s push buttons and turn my dials.

Frank: You do huh?

Andrea: Oh yes! You can push my buttons any time you want sexy. I’m programmed to please. How may I please you.

Frank: How about we stick with the whole role-play thing.

Andrea: Role play? What kind of role play.

Andrea grabs a feather duster laying on a nearby table.

Perhaps I could be your sexy French Maid. Bonjour monsieur, you make me tres’ horny, OOOh la la..

Frank: Oh no I liked what you were doing before. Go back to pretending that you’re a horny robot.

Andrea: But I wasn’t pretending, I really am horny I’m programmed to be horny…really horny…I’m your horny robot:)

Frank: That’s perfect, except maybe you could uhm

Andrea: Maybe I could what? Just tell me what to do, I’m programmed for your pleasure.

Frank: Maybe you could pretend to malfunction.

Andrea: Wow you really do have a robot fetish.

Frank: Yes I guess I do.

Andrea: If you desire me to malfunction, then I will malfunction for you. Malfunctioning makes me horny. I will masturbate and orgasm for you while I am malfunctioning:):).

Frank begins to explain a role play scenario: Frank: Ok I have an idea. Maybe I accidentally spill a glass of water down your top, which will cause you to Frank picks up glass or water and reaches it out towards Andrea as if to pour it on her. She winces in response and throws her hands up to shield herself from certain disaster. Frank quickly sets the water back down. Andrea: No water! Water is very dangerous to my circuits! How will I please you if my circuits are damaged?

Frank: Damn girl, you take your role playing serious, I love that you never break character. OK, Ok, Let’s think of something else. What’s the best way to make a sexy little robot like you malfunction?

Andrea: You can alter my settings. I am only designed to process 4 gigabytes of sensory data per second. If you increase my pleasure sensor levels to maximum, my circuits will overload when you stimulate my sensors. You will stimulate me hard and overload my circuits. Then I will malfunction for you. Are you ready sexy?

Andrea: Just kidding, I have to stimulate myself first sexy. It get really crazy from here, but still, it must have been one of the best nights of my life




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  • Dominikx 3 years ago

    Oh my God this video is hillarious 🙂 thank you ! haha