Robot, Slave, zombiefied and….A little bit of everything

I am my masters object

For Casey’s last adventure, I thought I might be fun to see how well some of the triggers I planted during her session still work. First we turn our still (reluctant) stripper into a well programmed robot. As expected, she snaps at attention, orgasm when “activated” and so much more.

Next we remove her mind, leaving her an empty shell that slowly repeats mantras like, I am my masters object. Wait there is more. Let’s try the zoned out love slave who masturbates so hard that it makes her pass-out while screaming, I am your h- slave master. More mantra, zombie pose and… still to come

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  • Gabriel 3 years ago

    Hey I like all ur videos I was wondering if u could put Scarlett Rose of hypnolust?