Today is not a good day

Emma and Ivy believe to be roommates who are three months behind on their rent. Naturally they are not very thrilled when the landlord barges right into their apartment, using his master key. I think you guessed who the landlord is by now. Anyway, you would think that the girls, being in debt and all, would be nice or at least apologetic about being so far behind but no, all they do is come up with excuses and lies, like we will pay you soon. I guess, to day is just not a good day, for the girls that is. Being the nice guy that I am, I even offer them to make it up to me in a different kind of a way, you know the threesome kind of a way. Well, that does not seem to fly either and my remarks about them needing some robot training, does not make the atmosphere any better either.

At some point, I just have enough of their silly excuses and Ivy, who is first on the lease, gets zapped in the middle of her sentence. Imagine Emma’s face when she sees her friend just standing there, staring into nothingness. I think she mentioned something about me not being…Well, that is about when she gets zapped as well and just like her little friend, Emma instantaneously transforms into an obedient robot. Looks like my sexy young robots need some serious programming. Of course first they have to learn to stand at attention, salute and strip out of their unnecessary clothes, “I am a robot, I am here to be used”.




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