There can only be one master

This is the continuation of the last segment. I decide that it is now time to take control of both of my slaves. Emma drops right back into mindless obedience as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Ivy who is still deeply entranced is just laying there with her big eyes staring into who knows where. A series of very intense breath controlled orgasms teaches her that she is now under my control. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes to make sure she is deeply under. Of course that is just the warm up. It gets hot quickly as Emma is ordered to put her wet pussy on Ivy’s face. Ivy has no other choice than to eat her new mistress’s pussy as she is orgasmed at the same time. Of course there is still more training needed. Placed on their knees the girls are ordered to pleasure themselves as they repeat, “there is only one master”, over and over. Being the nice guy that I am, I let them get really close to orgasm but then something happens and they both go out like a light. Too bad!

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