Why did she pass out?

The girls come back and again they feel terrible, confused and embarrassed about the situation they find themselves in. Who could blame them, right? I always enjoy when the girls are so flustered and nervous that they seem to laugh and giggle about everything and nothing. At the snap of my finger Ivy drops into the abyss. Her body loses all strength and she drops slowly back into the couch. Her eyes are wide open as I wave my hand several times in front of her face (really intense long stare, BTW). Of course, Emma is a bit concerned at first but that quickly changes. Looking at her helpless friend turns her on and all she needs is my permission to do with her what ever she likes, “She is just like a doll, can I play with her?” Ivy’s wet pussy is wide open as she is eaten out and played with. Great stares, intense licking and hot sleep scenes.





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