Hypnolust – Emma and Ivy (Clip One)

Imagine how wonderful it would feel

Emma and Ivy, two very sexy, extremely cute and most importantly, naturally horny young girls had quite little experience when it comes to being in front of the camera and the fact that they had never met before, certainly did not help them to feel any less nervous about the session. Luckily both of them had a great attitude and even more importantly, both of them were more than eager to find out what it would feel like to let go in order to experience some of their deepest and darkest fantasies without any inhibitions what so ever. Besides being naturally horny and quite submissive the girls could not have been any more different. Emma, blond and sexy young vixen who certainly knows what kind of effect she has on men turned out to be a good little girl who loves to be conquered after a futile fight. Ivy, just as sexy in her own way certainly reminded me of the beautiful “girl next door” we all would like to meet and play with.

The first part of the session showed that Emma took a little more time to close her eyes after trying to keep them open for as long as possible but as we all know, sooner or later they all give in.





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