Mindlessly eaten out

Emma just came all over Ivy’s face and now she is just sitting there. I wave my hand in front of her empty wide open eyes to make sure that there is nobody home. Ivy’s eyes are glued to my finger on her forehead, her hands are magically forced between her legs. Consumed by her own lust, Ivy let’s go of her mind and sinks into intense mindless arousal as she tries to make herself orgasm for me. Now it is her turn to be put on her back with her legs frozen up in the air and her hands helplessly stuck behind her head. I order Emma to go down on her little friend.

What comes next is very intense orgasm control play. Ivy is sent through a series of breath controlled orgasms which eventually leave her mindless and exhausted. Of course there are some slow repetitions of, “please make me mindless” to help her sink even deeper. Both girls end up tamed as they are standing in front of me with their arms stretched out in front of them. More repetitions of “there is only one master”, and a last touch free orgasm on my command finally sends them into complete surrender.

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