Learn to please, learn to obey

I follow and obey

After having been sexually charged, the girls have to learn to follow and obey and what better way to do so than to have to repeat just that. First I order them to pleasure themselves until they start begging me to let them cum but as we all know that would be way too early. The girls have to learn to please and to show their intense feelings of lust without any inhibitions. Please let me cum, please, please… After some first, Oh my gods, it is time to let them drift into mindless lust. Emma’s eyes are wide open as her mind is slowly drifting out and as she becomes more mindless and horny her eyes start to role. ” I do not need thoughts.”

The intensity of her orgasm leaves her drained and empty yet in mindless bliss. Ivy, who has been listening to Emma’s training does not put up much of a fight as her mind is slowly drained out as well. All she feels is lust and the repetition of the words’ mindless cum, finally takes her over the edge. I am a good little girl, I follow and obey. The girls are orgasmed a few more time towards the end. Why? Just because I say so. Great wide open eyed stares, rolling and sleepy eyes, mindless repetitions, intense orgasms and deep felt surrender.

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