That does not help our problem

Subliminal messages do not work

Emma and Ivy, a couple of less perfect school girls have been called in by the principal. The two little brats do not seem to think that skipping school, not doing homework and to clown around during the few classes they actually attend, is a big deal. Of course the principal (guess who that is) has a very different opinion about all this. Being the nice and very progressive principal that I am, I cut them a deal. The deal is that I will let them off the hook when they agree to listen to my new educational and quite motivational tapes which I believe will help them to change for the better. Of course the girls think that it is all BS and subliminal messages don’t motivate people but after some bitching they do agree to listen to the dam tapes just so they can get the hell out. They reluctantly put on the headsets and before long, after a brief futile fight that is, both end up in obedient trance. No more Mr. nice Principal. The girls are ordered to stand up and then they are frozen in place just like a couple of sexy mannequins. Of course they seem very confused when I let their little minds come back and they realize the fact that they can not move.

Naturally, I try to help them but all my attempt to figure out what happened, seem to make them even more confused and upset. Well, looks like they need to see the “waving hand” which as we all know renders them mindless and nicely quiet. At this point, I think they are wearing too much and it is probably a good idea to have them get rid of some of their warm clothes. Still mindlessly entranced the girls strip out of their dresses. I snap them out of it the second they are naked and oh my god do they feel confused, shocked and very weird about all this. Here we go again, the first thing they do is getting dressed again but that only works to a certain degree. Suddenly, they freeze up again. Letting them become aware leads to even more confusion and it looks like my taking off their bras really does not help them in any way but it is certainly fun. Fun clip with lots of aware and unaware freezes, confusion, bitching, unexpected and not necessarily wanted orgasms and more…





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