Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Eight)

That’s what you get for being a bad girl

Emmanuelle, my horny babysitter/harem girl snaps out of it and again, she remembers all the things I just made her do. It sure looks like, she is ready to find another job, if you know what I mean but unfortunately for her, she freezes into a beautiful statue. As we all know, it is tough, if not impossible, for statues to leave which is exactly why my little girl had to be frozen again. After some mindless moments, her awareness returns and as you might have expected; however, her attitude has not changed all that much which makes me decide to make her feel tickled.

The first jolt almost knocks her over and although she does not seem to be over ticklish, I can feel the terrible discomfort she is feeling. Being the nice guy that I am, I even allow her to orgasm for me while still being frozen. Don’t you think she should be grateful for that? Of course not, you know how the girls are. Will I be able to make her a good little girl? There is only one way to find out. Freeze, tickle, mindless silence, unexpected and not necessarily wanted orgasms and more.

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