Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Five)

Babysitter turns obedient Harems slave

Emmanuelle, my sexy babysitter, seems a bit upset when I show up late at night to “play” with her. Of course she is absolutely not interested in my clumsy attempts to hit on her and she sure does not want to play the “Harems girl” game with me, nor will she ever wear the sexy harem slave costume for me! OK, that is all good and nice but does the little really think that she can hypnotize me to go to sleep? Looks like she does and you should see her triumphantly smiling face when she pulls out my grandpa’s pocket watch. What can I say, the longer she tries to put me under the more she drops into obedient mindlessness and by the time her arm drops, she is gone. Let’s see how she feels about wearing the costume now and what happens once she wears it “I am empty for you master”.

Emmanuelle’s arms rise up in front of her and she is made to feel helplessly fucked as I make it clear to her that her master does not even have to touch her in order to make her orgasm on command. Zombie/sleepwalk and pose, hands free forced orgasm training, entranced yes masters and a longer self hypnosis scene.

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