Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Seven)

Feel your failure

I will never do it again

This next one is a sizzling hot combination freeze and foot segment. Emmanuelle wakes up and this time she remembers what has happened to her in the last couple of segments. I want her to feel and acknowledge that her attempt to put me under and with that, to control me, had miserably failed. Of course it is not easy for her to admit her failure and things get even worse when she freezes into a statue. Again, I want her to realize that she is helpless and with that in even more trouble than before.

Aware yet unable to do anything about it, Emmanuelle still does not believe that I can render her mindless and obedient again, simply by waving my hand in front of her eyes. After teasing her with the “hand” for a while, I decide to drop her back into darkness. Mindlessly entranced our little Harems girl starts to sensually play with her feet.

Again, I want her to feel that she is under control and that what ever I say turns her on. Her awareness comes back and now she crazy about the idea that her feet might turn me on and that the closer I get to them the more exciting and arousing it becomes. Emmanuelle becomes more and more aroused and eventually has to orgasm without a choice. The foot segment shows a lot of close ups of her feet while they are still, just like many of our foot lovers suggested.

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