Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Three)

Oh my god

Many girls say “oh my god” right before or during they orgasm and the way they say it makes it perfectly clear whether they really mean it or just fake it. Well, Emmanuelle’s “Oh my Gods” are real and I am sure you will agree with me once you watch this segment. Of course there is a lot more intense female training action, from slow mind reduction with the help of the watch and then again through the camera, mindless unblinking stares, flickering/crossing eyes, zombie/sleep walking pose, slow repetition of mantras, like “you are my master” and the word “mindless”, screaming hard orgasms on command, hands free orgasms while mindlessly entranced and fucked, intensification of orgasms with every snap of my fingers, first open eyed orgasm ever and, and, and…

The intensity with which Emmanuelle lets herself go, orgasms and surrenders to my power and complete control over her, is impossible to describe and so are all the intricate details of all of what is going on in this segment but I am certain that if you are a fan of female training, you will love this one. I make it perfectly clear to her throughout most of this segment who is in control because I want her to know that she is falling under my spell.

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