Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Twelve)

Cheerleaders just should not smoke

This next segment reveals even more evidence that smoking cigarettes can have unwanted side effects which may cause silliness, unexplainable yet intense arousal, unsurpassable urges to masturbate, exhibitionism in public and in some rare cases even loss of mind. Of course our young cheerleader does not believe any of this and yes, I know, I should not have given her one of my very strong cigarettes, after all it is not good to support this kind of habit but then again, who could ever say no to a girl like her.

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  • just some dude 7 months ago

    bro just wanted to say this page is the best thing u do a great job never stop bro

    • Fetishman 7 months ago

      Sure mate, We would keep it up, Thanks for your kind words