Hypnolust – Emmanuelle London (Clip Two)

The harder you fight, the harder you lose

Emmanuelle’s beautiful body starts to quiver and her breathing intensifies under my suggestions. I keep driving her up the wall by making her feel helplessly touched all over her body while intensifying the sensitivity of her erogenous zones. Her legs spread apart as she feels her wet pussy being penetrated without her having any control over it. Emmanuelle is getting more aroused with every word I say but I can feel some something inside of her is still trying to hold back. Time for deepeners and some reversed psychology.

The suggestion that, the harder she tries to fight it the more she will feel it, finally does the trick. All of a sudden she seems to want to be a good girl for me and that is when it really hits her. The feeling of being helplessly taken and orgasmed, drives her over the edge and her beautifully rounded body goes into convulsions and it gets even more intense from here.

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