Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Four)

I am your mindless slave master

I am a mindless slave

Gracie seems a bit exhausted from the last segment but she is not nearly done yet. Using her exhaustion, I slowly drain the rest of her thoughts mind and will. Her sexy young body starts to helplessly quiver and shake again as she feels hit by the intense vibration of the sybian she is made to feel. Her body rhythmically sways back and forth just as if the machine was actually between her legs. Her eyes are wide open and hazy as she stares up at my finger. I can feel her mind running out as she becomes more aroused and the slow repetition of, I am a mindless slave, takes her down into mindless bliss. Orgasmed on my count of three, Gracie is now learning that she has no control over her orgasms.

Now we want to see and feel how much she wants to please and how submissive she really is. Ordered to masturbate, Gracie has only one thing on her mind and that is to make herself cum as quickly and as hard as she can for me. Again, her body goes into lustful convulsions and she keeps screaming, I am a good little girl. After a series of mindless yet intense orgasms, Gracie is now standing in front of me with her arms stretched out as she feels helplessly fucked and used. Her eyes are empty but the rest of her young body is more than alive, as she quivers and shakes under my suggestions. Very intense, mantras, white eyes, mindless yet hard orgasms and more of your favorites.

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