Hypnolust – Gracie Glam (Clip Twelve)

I never take any medication

It looks like our sexy Santa model still seems to have problems staying awake. Of course at first, she is confused and very apologetic about her exposed breasts and pussy but, as we all know, these cheesy costumes never fit right and they all seem to slide down real easily. Well, that is her excuse and being the nice guy that I am, I am going along with it.

Before long though, it becomes very obvious that our “oh so professional” model, who still does not want to show any nudity BTW, seems to have a hard time staying awake. Wonder why that might be? It almost seems like; she has just taken a heavy duty sleeping pill which is slowly but surely knocking her out. Gracie sure tries to stay awake and she definitely tries to hide the fact that she can not stop yawning. What can I say; she loses just another useless struggle and eventually goes out like a baby.

What comes next are some very hot eye checks (both eyes at the same time) as well as some “rag doll” play and another intense orgasm in her sleep.

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