Mindlessly follow and obey

First use of mantras and mind removal

The first orgasm in the session is always the most exciting one for me. Now that we got that out of the way (see clip two) it is time for the open eyed and mindless orgasm. Why open eyed? Just because I like it and it is so very unnatural to cum like this, which in turn shows how deep and suggestible the subject really is. Of course there is a lot more going on than just open eyed orgasms. Jen’s mind and thoughts are slowly drained out, leaving her a horny, begging and very emotional sex toy. Jen is incredibly horny and her young body is seemingly out of control which makes it impossible for her to stop Cumming. Mantras like “I mindlessly follow and obey or I have no choice and take my thoughts and mind”, take her into an amazingly deep state of bliss.




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  • Mari Megrdichian 2 years ago

    Download Kendra Heart Hypnolust! Shes a squirter XD