The other woman in the sauna

Jen believes to be in a sauna with another woman. Why she thinks I am a woman, I will never know but it is a good thing because it makes her feel so much more relaxed. Jen, just like the other woman feels a lot safer to be in a women’s only sauna. The two are talking about these terrible coed saunas where the men seem to have nothing better to do than to stare at all the women. All of a sudden the other woman starts to hit on Jen, making her feel very uncomfortable. The other woman does not give Jen a chance to leave and before Jen even knows what hits her, she is slowly rendered mindless by her. Yes mistress, I will follow and obey. Jen after being drained of her thoughts and will, is forced to masturbate and then orgasmed at will. Mindless and willing, Jen obeys her new owner.

Snapped out of it again, Jen feels just as comfortable as before and naturally she does not mind to run around naked in front of her. Her freedom does not last for too long and all of a sudden she is rendered mindless again. Her training continues until she is so exhausted that she does not even feel the vibrator between her legs or the eye checks for that matter. Very hot, lots of action and only a short part of the rather lengthy inductions… Did I mention the bouncing and jiggling tits?





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