Mindless Jogger

This next one is a great example for how being at the wrong place at the wrong time and of course being too nosy can get a young girl in trouble. Believing that she has lost her way during her morning jog in the new neighborhood, Jen stops by the wrong house to ask for directions. Naturally, I am trying my best to get her back on her way but I do need to get my map and a pen to write down the directions. The second I leave the room, Jens starts to test my new experimental fragrances, right there on the table in front of her. Was she warned not to touch anything? Did I mention that those are experimental fragrances and that they should not been tested on humans yet, due to some bad experiences in the past.

Absolutely, Jen is warned but maybe, being a woman and all, that is exactly why she can not seem to stay away from them. I was even nice enough to mention that breathing in the above mentioned fragrances could cause a severe loss of brain activity combined with an overly stimulated libido. In other words the fragrances could cause her to become a mindless, oversexed love slave. Sure enough, after a few deep breaths, Jen’s little mind is gone and my new love slave is ready to be trained. What follows is a lot of yes masters, bend over ass out finger fucking, forced and denied orgasms, the lipstick vibrator masturbation with a mindless ending as well as lots of jiggling and bouncing tits. Thank you master for training me so well.

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