Hypnolust – Lauren Phillips (Clip Four)

Impress your master

At this point, Lauren is incredibly horny and willing to do anything. I have to say, that girl is super bendy which makes for a nice view of her wide open and exposed pussy. Her long legs all of a sudden go all the way up and behind her head while she is pleasuring herself for us. Again, our horny girl goes nuts and all she wants is to please and serve.

She keeps screaming, “I am your horny slave master” while climaxing multiple times. Still that is all just warm up. Next we have her assume the position (on all four on the couch) while she is made to feel fucked and used from behind. Again, her body goes into lustful convulsions while her hands claw into the couch. Lauren comes so hard towards the end (while holding her breath) that she actually passes-out. Very hot and it sure shows total surrender.

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