Hypnolust – Lauren Phillips (Clip Ten)

Grab me, take me, make me yours

Lauren believes to be in the middle of an interview for a high paying job and now we have her programmed to feel horny as fuck. In fact, all she has on her mind is to get fucked. Wow, I have to admit, that girl knows what she wants and hitting on me while spreading her pussy (among other parts of her body) wide open for me to see, is almost impossible to withstand.

Needless to say that causes some problems (for her) when I snap her out of it. All of a sudden she goes from being seductively horny to being shy, embarrassed and apologetic. Her biggest problem though is the fact that although aware of her actions, she just cannot stop pleasuring herself which makes this a lot more awkward for her. Reluctant yet unable to stop she keeps touching herself until…. Fun part is that she still tries to convince me that she is the right person for the job.

After a brief (sleepy) break, she wakes up and now she is programmed to orgasm whenever she apologizes for her behavior. I know that is mean but also a lot of fun to watch. More to come so go ahead and have fun

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