Smelling the money is not always a good thing You get what you pay for

Mia believes to be a dominatrix who has just arrived at a client’s house. Unfortunately, her new client, although taken by her beauty is not the least bit interested in being dominated and what makes the situation even more awkward is the fact that she asks for a lot more money then I like to spend. Naturally my little dominatrix does not badge when it comes to her “pay” and unfortunately she keeps insisting on kicking my ass, in case we come to an agreement.

We all know that being dominated is absolutely not my thing but as mentioned, Mia just does not seem to understand any of what I am saying. Believe it or not she even gets upset when I suggest that I will make her obedient. Well, what can I say, I eventually pay her the $500. Something strange though happens as soon as she feels the money in her hands. Mia seems to be attracted to the smell of the money and that is pretty much the last thing she remembers. Breath by breath, Mia sinks deeper and deeper until she is finally firmly back under my control.

Her beautiful eyes are wide open and stare into absolute nothingness. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and there is obviously nobody home. I am an obedient slave master. Watch how a dominatrix is turned into an obedient slave. Ass out bend over self spanking, slow and monotone repetitions, zombie walk, empty stares, yes masters, some rolling eyes and more of your favorites.

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