I am normally a classy person

This next segment is all about freeze fun, embarrassment, confusion, apologies, waving hand mindlessness and bouncing breasts. This time Mia wakes up feeling terribly embarrassed about being naked in front of somebody she barely knows. Naturally, she tries to get dressed while apologizing profusely for being naked and clueless. Almost all the way dressed, Mia suddenly freezes up and her mind goes dim and blank. Of course that would be a good time to undress her again, don’t you think? Let’s see what happens when her mind comes back while she is still frozen. Well, maybe that was not one of my better ideas but luckily as soon as I wave my hand in front of her eyes, her mind goes instantaneously blank again. Zombie kike and frozen, Mia has no choice but to let me play with her. Of course there is a whole lot more freezing, mindlessness, confusion and strange orgasms going on. Where are the bouncing breasts, you might ask? Go check it out.





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