Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Eight

I am a mindless slut

I am your voice controlled bimbo master

Mia, our still quite upset Superheroine, cannot seem to get dressed quickly enough while bitching at me. The problem though is that as soon as she is dressed, her clothes seem to itch the hell out of her. In fact it gets so bad that she has to (under protest) strip out of them again. Poor thing tries to cover up as good as possible. Still, she believes to have the power, which is why she laughs at me when I mention that she will be a completely mindless harems slave on my count of three. Oops, here we go. What follows is absolutely amazing. Mia goes crazy for lust and by the end, she is willing to do anything I want. Before she ends up being a voice controlled oversexed bimbo, she has to go through more freeze fun, bitching, forced orgasm and so much more. Again, this is an intense one.

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