Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Eleven

Voice controlled

Haunted house and bewitched socks

This one is a bit different and I don’t think I have done it since Wenona’s session. Mia believes to have just gotten up

and she is now getting ready for her morning exercise routine. What she does not know though is that she is programmed to think that whenever she hears my voice, it feels like a though of hers. In other words, she believes that whenever I say something that it is her own thought. Needless to say, her morning workout turns into a very confusing routine. All of a sudden the 5 pound weight she is using becomes way too heavy for her to lift, she feels poked in the ass a few times and her feet feel terribly cold. Why cold feet you might ask? Well, the second she puts on the warm socks, she cannot stop dancing and that is when I come in. Poor thing can’t stop dancing around despite her best attempts. Needless to say, she tries to cover up her precarious situation but….

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