Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Ten

This next one is not easy to describe because it goes through different stages but let me tell you this much, Mia goes absolutely crazy for lust and her desire to show us her wet pussy and feet is what drives her there. Yes she does show us her feet and it drives her wild but that is by far not all of it.

It all starts pretty harmless as she believes that I am her roommates boyfriend who just disturbed her during her morning exercise. We talk about her having checked me out in the shower the other day which actually makes her blush while denying it at the same time. Anyway, we also talk about the fact that I hypnotize my girlfriend and I cannot help but notice that she, here again, despite her denying it, seems interested in it.

To make a long story short, I entrance her by using the pocket watch before she even knows it. Up and awake, she suddenly wants me to look at her feet and to check her out without really knowing why she feels that way all of a sudden. It is fun listing to her praising her feet while desperately trying to make me interested in them.

She keeps sensually and seductively showing them off while running her fingers through her toes. Like I said in the beginning, it gets really crazy after I put her to sleep for some programming. Mindless and horny, my little girl has no other desire than to show, kiss and suck her feet while bring herself to orgasm. Of course there is a lot more yet to come and believe me, it is forth watching her go nuts. I am your horny slut, I want to show you my wet pussy.

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