Hypnolust – Mia Vallis – Clip Three

Use me as you wish

Mia cannot wait to get out of her remaining clothes as soon as I suggest that it would make it feel even more intense and pleasurable. Her hands are drawn to her perfect tits and she learns how sensitive they are and that she can be orgasmed just by touching them. Time to take it up a notch. Her hands feel suddenly pulled up in the air while she is made to feel a powerfully thrusting Hitachi between her legs. Mia goes crazy and she starts to scream and beg me to use her as I wish.

Again, her body goes into intense lustful convulsions while she screams, I am cuming for you master. I can feel that she is completely under and more than willing to follow each and every order I give her. At some point her sweaty and very excited body just stands (wobbly) there while her big green eyes stare into nothingness Time to put her to sleep for more programming.

It gets really hot when she opens her eyes again in deep trance while she has no control over her muscles. Even her eye lids have to stay open because it takes muscle control to open your eyes. Helpless and limp, she has no other choice than to let me mess with her while staring at me. Of course there is a lot more to be seen here but I have a feeling you are getting the picture. Orgasm spot trigger planting, begging, yes masters and very intense

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