There is a first step in every journey

Michelle and Amanda, two very beautiful, lusty, sensual and very sweet young girls with very little experience, if any, when it comes to playing with another girl, made the idea of me being the one to take them on a journey, they always wanted to take deep down inside, certainly incredibly exciting. Besides being beautiful, sexy and very horny, my two lovers to be, were quite nervous and the fact that neither one of them was familiar with what I do, did not make it any less exciting for them. Needless to say, I decided to start them off easy and then have them slowly ease into the experience. Did it work? Oh yes, it sure did and I have a feeling you will agree with me after having watched the girls’ hot and wet clips .

We started with the raising arms test, the eye fixation and some breathing exercises and it was interesting to watch which girl went under at what point. It almost seemed like my two sweeties were both waiting for the other girl to go first but then they pretty much went, where I needed them to be, at the same time.




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