Step Ten Lunchroom transformation completed

Although it seems that our, by now oversexed test subjects have nothing else on their minds (I am using the word “minds” loosely here) than making love to each other in order to get my attention, both of them still insist that the experiment is a complete and utter failure. Test subject Amanda’s head is disappearing between her coworker’s legs and it seems like she is at a loss for words but this might also be caused by the fact that her tongue is deep in Michelle’s wet pussy which might make for her limited ability to answer my questions. The experiment continues and if you like to see all the details of the “lunchroom study” you might want to pick up our video clip which shows all the details including the part where our subjects end up in the 69 position. Needless to say that in order to prevent our subjects from exhausting each other by inflicting multiple orgasms on each other, both of them have to be put to sleep, in a Robolust kind of manner of course.

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  • Michael 4 years ago

    Can you add Carmen Valentina and Isabel Cortez from Hypnolust?