Step eleven Toys for boys eighteen and up

This next segment is a great example how a combination of short term amnesia and P. H. suggestions can easily turn even the most doubtful young girls into helpless, mindless thus very willing little puppets. Who does not like to play with a couple of toys as beautiful as they are. Of course my two beauties think that I am somewhat nuts when I mention that, that is exactly what is going to happen in a few seconds. Sure enough the hissing sound of the wand is all it takes for them to suddenly loose all of their minds and will and to turn into blankly staring shells of themselves.
Now it is time to pull the strings and to move my toys into any kind of position I like to see them in. Their hands are pulled between their legs and their little fingers go where it makes them feel sooooo good. Let’s see what my little puppets have to say when their awareness comes back but they are unable to stop those magic strings from making them orgasm. Uhhhhh, that feels strange, now doesn’t it. Unfortunately, right in the middle of their orgasm, my little puppets are drifting back into a state of complete mindlessness.

Next time when their awareness comes back, they find themselves on their backs in the spread eagle position while playing with each others pussies. Still, they insist that they are not good subjects. Go figure. Lots of back and forth between mindless puppet play, unexpected orgasms, magic strings and confusion.

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