Step twelve What do you mean by obedient Robots, that’s crazy

The girls wake up, feeling very confused and even more apologetic about the fact that they are on the floor with their fingers in each others crotches. Embarrassed and confused both keep apologizing for doing this in front of me, a person they just met. Wonder what gave them that idea. Anyway, the suggestion that they will turn into a couple of obedient little robots does not go over to well either. That’s just crazy. Next thing that comes out of there mouth is;” I am a Robot, robots do not need underwear.” That is correct and not only do they not need underwear, they also do not need a personality and or a mind of their own. What they do need though is orgasm training, walking in circles to show off their bodies and to pleasure one another in front of their owner. Of course there is more they need and you will find out what by watching this clip. Will they end up deactivated so they can be used again at a later point in time?




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