step four Getting to feel the power of the open eyed mind removal

Waving my hand in front of your empty eyes

I think you all agree that it is time to take a closer look at the girl’s beautiful young bodies and to let them feel even more who is in control. I have them sit up straight, right there in front of me and again their hands are in each others’ wet pussies. Starting with Michelle, I slowly remove every ounce of their remaining mind and will power by having them drive each other crazy for lust. Michelle’s beautiful and intriguing eyes are wide open while she is staring into the light shaker. The mantra, “I let go of my mind”, sinks in deep and she is starting to feel Amanda’s hand between her legs with an intensity she has never experienced before. After she is orgasmed and empty, it is now time to take care of Amanda. The words, “mindless and empty”, become her mantra into blissful surrender. It is not easy to describe the growing intensity of this segment and the way the girls fall into mindless bliss and then just sit there with big open eyes while absently playing with each other. Making each other mindlessly cum for me is all the girls want and their horny quivering and withering bodies, the empty wide open eyes throughout their orgasms, are really hot to watch.




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