Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip I)

Try to keep your eyes open

Natasha, hot French and Cuban mix was quite nervous and a bit skeptical about the whole thing. Curious yet reserved you might say. Born in France as the daughter of a French father and a Cuban mother, Natasha is bi-lingual, very well educated and she certainly knows what she wants. The idea of experiencing a new and different kind of pleasure seemed very intriguing and for someone as sexual and sensual as Natasha, way too exciting to pass up. Lucky for all of us, believe me, the session turned out to be very intense and unique. We will get into the details of that later. Natasha told me after the session that it was an incredible experience and most likely her most fun and exciting sexual adventure ever. To watch her sexy, well rounded body move in sexual ecstasy and to play with her is sure something I would not want to miss for anything.

The relaxation part of the session shows how Natasha tries to keep her eyes open and stay in control and when I have her hand over all control, her body language shows how she slowly and not without a fight gives in to the idea of letting go.

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