Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip II)

Please let me surrender

The first couple of segments are always very important and set the tone for the rest of the session. In order to plant the ever so important instantaneous orgasm trigger it often helps to first lead the subject through a very intense sexual experience and let them feel a mind blowing orgasm. Using that moment of bliss in which the conscious mind is distracted, the suggestion that whenever they hear a certain word, they will experience the same sexual experience but this time within only a fraction of a second, oftentimes helps to make the subject feel triggered orgasms as strong and powerful as the one they have when having sex. In less technical words, Natasha is made incredibly horny, denied to orgasm, forced by her own lust to surrender, forced to orgasm and put to sleep. I was not really sure about Natasha’s sexual preferences but I took a shot at it anyways.

By leading her through a very intense love making scene with another woman, Natasha gets incredibly wild and horny. I just know that when her shivering and shaking body starts to slide off the couch that she is ready to surrender. By driving her up the wall for lust and denying her to cum, I get her to screamingly surrender. “Please let me surrender” Not only has she learned about the instantaneous orgasm but also the importance of obedience and surrender to me.

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  • Natasha fan 4 weeks ago

    How to download? I don’t find working button, just one reopening the same page 🙁 an I blind?