Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip IX Part one)

Part one Mannequin museum

Mindless frozen and somewhat reluctant mannequin.

Natasha believes to be at a fabulous party in the local mannequin museum. She sees me as the artist who has created all those beautiful old mannequins. At first she seems to have a lot of fun, posing as a mannequin for me but that ends pretty quickly when she finds herself frozen solid and just as stiff as my other creations. She also does not seem to like the idea of permanently turning into a mannequin. I wonder why that could be?

Of course I am having fun with her while she is all stiff and helpless. I keep telling these girls that I do not like them to wear all that excess clothing but do they ever listen? Looks like I have to take care of it myself and peel her out of her tight dress. Unfreezing her eyes and lips turns out to be a bad idea. Too much bitching, you know. Letting her go blank seems a much better way to go and not having her remember what just happened when she is unfrozen, is almost genius. I am having a blast with my first unsuspecting then a bit reluctant and eventually orgasmic mannequin.

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