Hypnolust – Natasha Nice (Clip V)

Hot tea love potion # nine

It is a bit of a cold day and Natasha has a nasty cough, so I kind of figure that a hot cup of tea is exactly what she needs. Of course it would not be much fun if it was just any old cup of tea, right? Watch Natasha, sip by sip so to speak, go from thinking that I am way too old for her and really not her type to not only madly falling in love with me but to also shamelessly offer her luscious body to me!

Natasha has no idea what hits her but with every sip of the hot and sweet tea her behavior changes and she becomes more and more loving. With that she seems to get very aroused and promiscuous. She does not even realize that her own mind and thought are slowly drained out of her and when she experiences her first open eyed orgasm, in complete surrender, she drops into a state of bliss that is not easy to describe.

It is amazing to watch Natasha going from cute and sexy to loving and horny and finally just plain a raw sexual and promiscuous. The power of not being allowed to do anything without my permission.

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