HypnoPimp - Adrian Controlled Full Part 2

Mind Sucking Lens
Adrian is quite an interesting subject. First off, she does not believe in the training that I gave her… her thoughts are, its all fake.. even after it is working perfectly with her, she rejects the thoughts that it is working and rationalizes everything that has happened to her. So here, I have her believing that my camera can suck her mind, and I do it… its quite a pleasant sight to see her transform to a mindless body. Once that occurs, I pose her, mess with her a bit; then I return her mind back to her body – at which point she doesn’t recall what has happened…
In this second part,Adrian’s mind is gone and she’s just a shell; as I pose her body in various awkward ways.. then finally I walk her body to the other side of the room and then we return Adrian’s mind back into her body; and start questioning her about how she feels. She says she feels fine, but wonders how she got to where she is…. I tell her what I did, that her mind was sucked out of her body – her comment was, that’s impossible… She doesn’t believe any of that is even possible.
In this last part, Adrian still does not believe that I can suck her mind into my camera. She’s in complete denial over it, so I ask her – what can I do to convince you that I can do this. We come up with the idea of positioning her on all fours… but even then, she seems skeptical.. and doesn’t believe it will happen. So, I ask her to stare into my camera yet again, as it quickly removes her brain… I then carefully pose her so she’s kneeling on all fours; and return her brain while she’s crouched down like that. Then I ask if she believe is, and she’s a bit flabbergasted; but is still denying.
Adrian is stubborn. She is still skeptical about the whole training, and my mind sucking camera. So in this clip, I decide to change the mind sucking camera, to allow her to see out of the camera’s lens while her mind is sucked into the camera.. so once I have her mind sucked again, and returned it to her body after messing with her a bit; she explains how she did see.. but she was very closed knitted about the whole thing… almost as if she didn’t want to believe.

Frozen Discussion
We are finally starting to get into Adrian’s head, and she is starting to realize that something fishy is happening, and that my training may indeed be real.. but she is still resisting wanting to believe… her mind is so stubborn that it won’t allow her to believe what is really happening to her. Which makes it so much more amazing when I freeze her in place, and position her hands in her mouth, and other awkward moves.

Freeze Aware
OK, what better way to convince Adrian that my training is indeed real and its working perfectly on her… but to make her frozen but still be able to see and hear and speak. I instruct her to do this, while she’s in a training state; and when she comes out – I tape her on the shoulder (the trigger to make her freeze but still see and hear and speak); and she freezes. But she still can’t talk or see or hear!! Wow, her mind is stopping her from this… so I put her back into this training state; and re-iterate what will happen.. and it still does not work; until eventually towards the end she freezes but still can’t speak – but is conscious about what is happening while she’s frozen! Watch and see her reaction after I unfreeze her and she starts yelling at me to stop doing that.. Quite amazing.

Stuck to Bed
OK. Adrian is stubborn. That’s all I can say. She just does not want to believe that what I’m doing to her is a direct result of her being trained. So, what do I do? I make her stuck to the bed, and every time I snap my fingers she feels something pinching her ass. Watch and enjoy as she squirms, and jumps as I mess with her more and more! Hopefully this will convince her that something is up!! And then on top of it all, I tell her that I have to clean her brain

Brain Cleaning
Now… we are getting somewhere with Adrian in convincing her that our training is indeed real. And here she is really interested in me cleaning her brain because she’s stuck to the sofa and can’t get up! Watch as I remove her brain, leaving her body lifeless and limp… and then when I put it back – its backwards! She’s really not confused at all, and thinks I’m confused when I ask her if she’s sitting or standing, or what part of the body does what..

Brain Cleaning Finale
Here we tend to fix Adrians backwards brains, but removing it again and placing it back in right side up.. and then while we do this interview her a bit about what just happened.. Finally we put her back into a training state, and undo what we’ve done during our session – and then make sure she still does not remember it all.. until I shake her hand… Then it all comes back! Watch closely at her expression, when I shake her hands her brow lifts a bit as she grimaces slightly as she remembers what happened.. shocked, she tells me what she recalls!

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  • She is great, please upload more hypnopimo, its so hard to come by.