Hypnopimp - Alora Part 1and 2

Hypnopimp – Alora Part 1 And 2

The clip contains the following scenes:
Brain Clutter

In this clip, alora is still stuck to our sofa and she is convinced that a ghost is doing it and messing with her by poking her in the ass and removing her clothing. She’s actually quite excited about this fact, cause she really is into ghosts… but I have to clue her in, its not a ghost indeed.. its a brain clutter. Her brain has become cluttered in the training attempts (she has no clue that the training has occurred and is working), and that I will need to clean her brain. Now, mind you; everyone gets shocked when I mention this to them.. but I’ve never ever had someone refuse to get this done. alora refuses. I’ve told her its safe, and painless.. but she doesn’t understand, and just flat out says she’s fine. We can cut the sofa apart, and she can live with it attached to her… and that she can still do everything she needs to do with part of a sofa attached to her behind… SO, I’m kind of at a loss.. I don’t know what to do, because I can’t just go yanking people’s brains out without their permission. So I elude to the fact that more may start happening to her because of the brain clutter.. and we end this clip with her shocking face.. and then placed back into a training state.. where I will start messing with her more and more till she agrees to let me clean her brain.

Uncontrollable Cursing

alora is convinced a ghost is haunting her, making her stuck to the sofa and causing weird things to happen on top of that.. even though I told her it was due to brain clutter.. and a simple brain cleaning will fix things. She refuses to let me clean her brain.. so I decide to make things even stranger, as I train her to start yelling curse words randomly, and that each time I snap my fingers instead of a poke in the ass; she feels a sexual sensation on her ass… Enjoy her reaction the first time I snap my fingers, and her frustrations at why she’s yelling curse words here and there. Quite a fun clip
Giberish Talk

alora is still convinced that ghosts are responsible for the fact that she’s stuck to the sofa, and that weird things are happening to her. So, I decide to try to mess with her even more.. to see if I can eventually get her to agree to letting me clean her brain. So here, I start off by freezing her in place… picking up her, standing her safe and sound and then remove her shorts, and her panties.. leaving her completely naked.. as I sit her back down, and then unfreeze her. She looks, and is not quite shocked at her state of nakedness but then says the Ghost is being nice.. cause he’s saving her favorite pair of shorts from being ripped by her stuck to the sofa… Gosh, so I need to step this up a bit more.. so I put her back into the training state and train her to start talking in complete giberish when ever I touch her… and switch it on and off, each time I touch. Then I bring her out, and she starts talking in utter nonsense crazy talk; until I touch her.. but she has no clue she’s doing this, and thinks I”m going crazy because I don’t understand her and I’m starting to make fun of her speech..
Brain Cleaning

I think alora is almost convinced that her mind is cluttered… after making her talk in complete gibberish… I still have her talking in gibberish right now, each time I touch her.. and she’s getting a bit fed up with it all and I think she is ready.. So she allows me to remove her brain, clean it… so I go over, and remove her brain; leaving her body completely brainless and ready for me to play with. Then I put her brain back in, but backwards.. and we ask her a series of questions to figure out why; and she just does not want me to fix or repair her.. but she’s not quite sure, cause she doesn’t want to stay like this… SO I eventually remove her brain again, and put it back in .. to fix everything…


Now, in this clip; I have trained alora with the magic word RED that invokes a strong orgasm. When ever I mention the word RED, it starts hitting her slowly, getting stronger and stronger till she cums with pleasure. As we start talking, she has no clue about this word; until I mention RED and she starts feeling it.. and doesn’t quite know what to do or how to react to this spontaneous orgasm.
Slut or Not

In this clip, alora is made to switch into a complete and utter slut when I snap my fingers; she’s trained to do this instantly without realizing really what’s happening to her. Then when I snap my fingers again, she turns back to her normal self… Watch and enjoy as she flips back and forth… most of the times in mid-masturbation while she’s playing with her pretty pussy.. I do freeze her in mid-masturbation, and lift her fingers out of her pussy, and examine her a bit closer…


In this finale clip of alora.. we ask her a series of questions, and ask her if she thinks my training works. She’s adamant that it does not work, and some ghost has been playing pranks on her; so I decide to program her to remember everything when I shake her hand… so right before I offer my hand to her to shake, I ask her again if she thinks it works.. and she says no… then I ask her to shake my hand, and instantly she recalls everything! She’s shocked, and kinda in denial… but even though I shook her hand, she is still fully trained. So I freeze her in place, but she’s still aware of what is happening… so I experiment with her, and make her freeze.. but she can still talk. I then ask her to sit up, but she’s stuck again. And then I put her shoes in her hands… and mess with her even more. Then I do a final interview, and we end the clip… the culprit on all the shenanigans happening here

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