Hypnopimp - Amber in Freeze Fainting

Hypnopimp – Amber in Freeze Fainting

This clip starts off with Amber in a deep PROGRAM, and unaware of what’s happening. I then initiate a full control of her body, while she’s in this state and have her sit up… while still in a deep PROGRAM. I then have her stand up, and move her over to another location, where she sits down on a futon. While here, I bring her out of it; and then we continue talking.. then I FREEZE her in place, and pose her a bit… putting her back into a limp PROGRAM afterwards where I make her instantly faint each and every time I touch her.

When I bring her out, she feels refreshed yet still wondering what’s happening.. as I reach out and touch her on her shoulder, as her eyes roll back slightly, and she drops limp… a few moments go by, and she comes to.. and we continue this a number of times. Making her start to worry that something maybe wrong; until I drop her back into a deep PROGRAM!




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