Now after I’ve successfully PROGRAMED Amber, I give her a suggestion to want to hold my hand.. so after I bring her up, she just has to hold my hand.. so then I quickly put her back into a limp PROGRAM state, and add the magic word PLEASE which blanks her out, and enables me to give her suggestions… so I give her the suggestion that her water bottle is full of a powerful love potion…

After that, I wake her up; and we continue talking… until she gets thirsty, and wants some water… then instantly, she starts feeling the effects of the love potion, and starts professing her love for me! In an awkward way though… its interesting how the mind processes certain things, and reactions. A must see. I do perform a FREEZE in the middle of it all.

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  • You Dont need to know 3 years ago

    Lol that girl and all the other girls just do that to get paid and act like that for money .
    It’s really sad and it’s stupid for people who watch that thats why i quit watching this sh’t ever again

  • we all know that 3 years ago

    something new?