Bonnie Apricot was referred to me by a photographer friend… she’s a still model, but wanted to try my programming session. So I took her on board, and this is a collection of all the clips we did in that shoot – seperate in two one hour parts. Clip is re-mastered with better color fidelity!
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This video includes the following scenes:

Programming Session
Welcome bonnie Apricot. bonnie is a thin petite girl that was interested in experiencing my intense training program. In this introductory clip, she is coming out of my training session and I perform a series of deepeners on her, ensuring that the programming I did on her is working.

Bed Stuck

Now that we have bonnie Apricot in our training session, I make her believe she is stuck to the bed… as a test, to see how deeply the training is working. It works great, she can’t get up at all and believes the reason is because her legs and butt feel so heavy!! Then I freeze her slightly, and continue with my session.


bonnie Apricot is now frozen solid, as I pose her and move her around; and then unfreeze her.. as she is shocked and confused as to why she has moved around and doesn’t remember doing so!

Brain Clean

bonnie Apricot is stuck. She’s stuck to the bed, and that’s unnatural. She doesn’t know why, and is kinda concerned as to why she can’t get up… and very odd things are starting to happen to her. Like she instantly appears to be in a weird pose, and can’t recall how she got there… All of this is very odd for her, and she is trying to process it… but little does she know, this is my plan… to mess with her head! Now, I’m telling her that her brain is dirty, and it needs to be cleaned. She’s so skeptical, she doesn’t believe I can clean it… but, watch.. and prepare to see me remove her brain (virtually)… when her brain is virtually removed, she goes … can’t see, hear, or feel.. as I pick her up, and mess with her at that state, till I return her brain to her body.

Backward Brains

In this clip, bonnie Apricot’s brain is restored to her body, but its placed in there backwards. So everything she does is backwards, or just the opposite… Enjoy watching her struggle as she tries to figure out if she is standing or sitting.. what different body parts are, etc etc..

Freeze Topless

bonnie Apricot is now made to freeze in place, and while she is frozen she has no clue what is happening to her. Then I pose her, and mess with her a bit; finally ending up removing her shirt to expose her beautiful petite breasts.

Jedi Mind Trick

Now, we have bonnie Apricot topless, and I instruct her on the ways of the j3di. She’s programmed to respond to my waving of my hand over her face, to place her into a temporarily black state where she will be receptive to anything I say… and after I say it, the phrase I tell her will become true. She will believe, perform, or do anything… Enjoy watching me test this out with her!

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    Mr Fetishman,
    Is the reason that no videos uploaded before September 1st work because you’re server went down or is it because I am using it on mobile?