Hypnopimp - Celine live part 2

Hypnopimp – Celine live part 2

This is a never before published video set of Celine’s LIVE show from back in the day.. Celine is a beautiful dark skinned brunette, that took to my PROGRAM very well. She goes down hard, and has no clue what is happening! This first part of a discounted compilation includes the following sets:
Hotter and Hotter
Now Celine is under a deep PROGRAM, that she will start to get hotter and hotter. Each moment that goes by, she will start feeling sooooo hot, that she will have to start taking off clothing to cool off… but, each piece of clothing she removes, she will get more and more tired, till she just drops limp…
Boob Fondling
In this next segment, when ever I snap my fingers she has to fondle her boobs. She will realize what she’s doing, but she can’t stop! Then I put her into a deep state of PROGRAM, where you can see her body just drop limp; and then change it so that when I snap my fingers she continues to fondle her boobs but she won’t realize it.
Getting Horny
Now I PROGRAM Celine to start getting horny.. each time I snap my fingers, she gets more and more turned on. Enjoy watching her expressions, and reactions change from kinda somber, to happy and giggly; as she gets more and more turned on. She plays coy, and starts laughing and giggling… over and over.
Brain Cleaning
Now we decide to jump into a brain clean. Where I remove her brain, and you can see instantly when I “remove” it, she has turned into zombie mode, her eyes fluttering as all the whites are showing, and her body non-responding. Its quite interesting, how her eyes stay rolled up; while she’s in this mindless state. Then when I put her brain back in, you see her body convulse a bit, and she moans as she comes back to life.
Plastic Doll Mannequin
Now, audience recommendation to turn her into a plastic doll… so I put her back into a deep PROGRAM, and make her transform slowly into a plastic doll. So I have her stand up, and ask her a few question. She’s feeling tired, and I snap my fingers… as her body starts to become more and more stiff. and eventually completely stuck. She’s now a mannequin, ready for me to pose and do things to. Interesting thing though, she’s stuck – yet she’s still aware and can respond… as I pose her, and move her around…
I then put her back into a deep PROGRAM, and transform her into a blonde bimbo. When I bring her out of her PROGRAM, we can tell instantly she’s changed. She starts telling me how she wants to go to the store, and look around and stuff.. Interesting though, her accent has turned a bit British again.. but the bimbo mode never really takes on; as I guess her personality isn’t quite one that can be transformed like this.
J3di Mind Trick
Now, I have PROGRAM her that when I wave my hand in front of her face, she will turn mindless and have to do anything I just tell her. I then wave my hand, and she goes dark; as I tell her to turn around… and she gets up and turns around, yet has no clue what she’s doing. I then wave my hand, and tell her to go stand in the closet. When she comes to, she smiles big, and says she doesn’t know why she’s in the closet.
Misc J3di Tricks
This is an interesting thing, when I touch her tattoo’s they will start to move and transform… then we talk to her about it, and she can’t understand why… then I j3di her into forcing her to smile constantly… then after she laughs and giggles, I j3di her into being sad all the time… you can see her reactions transform instantly… then I make her giggle uncontrollably over and over. Her giggling is infection, and she can’t stop; you can see her stomach muscles and then she starts snorting she can’t stop laughing… Now I attempt to turn her into a mindless sex doll with the j3di trick… and she stops giggling, and has a confused look on her face. I don’t think she knows how to react to this one, and then I make her super stoned… as she instantly starts giggling again, but its a different giggle… its rather funny! She tells me she has the munchies, and wants to eat something but can’t tell me what, as she keeps giggling over and over again.. Then I make her completely drunk..

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