Welcome back both JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen; as I do both of them at the same time. Enjoy watching me program them at the same time, as they both slip into a super training state of being very easily. Then once they are done, I ask them a few questions before they go limp while re-entering their programming mode.

Freeze Pose
In this clip, JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen are both under my spell. We start off this clip with both of them in a deep state of programming. Then I’m training them to understand how I will differentiate between the two of them and my magic words. Then when they come out of the program trained state, we start having casual conversation. Vanessa is giggling non-stop, and talking; while I freeze JC. Vanessa is clueless of what is happening, until I point out for her to look at JC. She is shocked, and comments about how quiet it is; cause JC is always talking. But then she takes advantage of her frozen state (with my nodding her to do so) and poses her, stands her up, removes her shirt exposing her bra… finally I unfreeze JC… and she is shocked at how her shirt was gone.. then I freeze Vanessa and JC has her way with her. She removes her bra (even though Vanessa is deeply trained, she can’t help but giggle in various parts of this clip. Keep in mind, she’s still completely programmed. Even though she’s frozen, and it appears as if she is responding to outside stimulus – its normal for that to happen yet she’s still not aware consciously).. JC removes her bra,and puts it on her head… then poses her, and I ask JC to stand behind her… and put her arms under Vanessa’s.. and it turns into a funny puppet show to speak… while I then put Vanessa back into a training state as she falls limp in JC’s arms.

Limp Vanessa
JC is standing behind Vanessa, with her arms under Vanessa’s; groping her boobs… And then while this is happening, I put Vanessa into a program state of being as she falls limp in JC’s arms. JC is kind of surprised, but realizes what is happening and she scoops Vanessa up and carries her over to the sofa where she lays her limp form down, and starts undressing her. She also then compares her big hands to Vanessa’s small hands… and the same with her feet putting her feet up to Vanessa’s limp feet. Then at the very end, when Vanessa is completely naked I put JC into the same state of programmability as she falls limp on top of Vanessa’s limp form

Limp JC Simpson
Now in this clip, JC is limp in her deep training state while Vanessa stirs and realizes the situation. She then starts to get even, and undress JC while she has no way to resist.

Freeze Pose
Both Vanessa Vixen and JC Simpson are frozen in place on the sofa. As such, I pose them so that they are sitting with their arms around each other; and then unfreeze them… Both of them are a bit confused as to why they are posed like that, but continue on their conversation as normal. Vanessa starts making fun and pretends to Vogue, so I freeze her in mid-vogue. JC laughs, and starts posing Vanessa.

I got a Dick
Both JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen are in a deep training state of being, limp on the sofa. In this state, I instruct JC to react to my words without thinking. And as such, I have her open her eyes (you can definitely see that there is nothing behind her eyes at this point) and sit up. Then I ask her to stand up, and she stands up at attention. Her eyes glossy and staring out to no where. Finally I instruct her to put on a strap-on dildo on the coffee table next to her. She methodically walks over, and puts it on. I then instruct her to sit back down, and as such I bring her out of the training state making her believe that the strap-on dildo is her real dick. When she wakes up she is ecstatic in joy – apparently always wanted to have a cock of her own. I also wake Vanessa up, and train her to believe JC’s cock is a real one… and she instantly looks at it and starts laughing like crazy. JC starts playing with her new found penis, and as she’s pulling on it; it snaps off!!!! You can see in JC’s face the shock and horror of her dick being removed; and Vanessa is wondering why there isn’t spurting out everywhere. Finally I tell her that since its new, its not fully attached, and that she should re-attach it.. She does, and Vanessa is then frozen while JC opens her mouth and starts shoving her dick in it. When I unfreeze Vanessa she has a weird taste in her mouth; but before she can do much I put her into her training state as she goes limp on the sofa letting JC play with her more, shoving her cock in her mouth and over her body.

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