Freeze Fucking
We start off with Vanessa in a limp training state, where JC has her newly found cock and wants to try it out. So she spreads Vanessa’s legs, and starts playing with her pussy, slowly sticking her cock inside of her, fucking her softly and enjoying the new sensations. Then we take Vanessa out of the training state, as she laughs at what is happening. Finally freezing Vanessa allowing JC to fuck her more… During which we freeze both of them, and I pan across their stuck bodies seeing Vanessa’a pretty foot held up high, and JC’s wonderful hands stuck in pose.

Remote Cock
JC Simpson is frozen mid-fuck on Vanessa; as I unfreeze Vanessa she complains to me that I have to put a stop to JC fucking her with her new cock. So I tell her, well; do something about it. So she slowly unhooks herself from JC’s frozen penis and moves around to reposition JC to remove her penis. She sits her down, and attempts to stand her up; but can’t because she’s too big. So I help out, and stand her up. JC is stood to attention, still not aware of what is going on because she’s a frozen doll. Then Vanessa proceeds to remove her penis (strap-on) and sits her back on the sofa while I unfreeze JC. JC instantly realizes her penis is gone, and is shocked as she see’s Vanessa holding it! Mind you, JC is still trained to feel everything the penis feels… so when Vanessa hits the penis with her fingers, JC reels in pain. As Vanessa is laughing up a storm and continues to abuse JC’s cock. Finally JC struggles and grabs her penis from Vanessa and starts fucking her with it, detached. You can see JC’s pleasure, as her eyes roll back in her head in erotic pleasure… finally I freeze JC again, as Vanessa hides her cock…

Foot Job
Now we start off with JC frozen, as Vanessa re-poses JC so she is laying on the sofa on her back. Then she grabs her detached penis (which JC still believes is connected to her and feels what ever happens to it).. and positions her frozen feet on the penis. Then I unfreeze JC, and she realizes what is happening and instantly starts giving her own penis a foot job. Her eyes rolling back in pleasure, while Vanessa is enjoying watching what’s happening. Then JC grabs her penis, and puts it back on (well, holds it there) while Vanessa proceeds to give JC a foot job as well! Finally we have both girls laying on their backs as I give them both orgasms with a single word!

In this finale clip, we have both Vanessa and JC on the sofa, and JC is playing with her newly found penis, holding it in place cause it doesn’t stick by itself anymore.. and then I bring Vanessa into it; and make both of them have intense orgasms over and over… JC ends up beating Vanessa with her detached dildo/penis; and both of them continue to have uncontrollable orgasms over and over… finally I bring them out of their programming state, and reveal what happens with a handshake. JC is shocked as hell, and doesn’t believe what happened, while Vanessa just laughs uncontrollably.

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